Bohemian Anklet Bracelets

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Bohemian Anklet Bracelets are handmade out of shells, alloy & turquoise. Anklets girth length is approximately 9.251" + 2.362" extension chain. Adjustable chain, nice design, fits most people. Let your ankle glow across the ocean. 

The white mini beaded, blue stone starfish anklet is a symbolism of the starfish. Starfish are well known for their amazing ability to regenerate limbs. The starfish enhances periods of healing and renewal. It also represents your intuition, and how your first instincts are usually right. Symbolic Starfish Meaning (The Quick List: Strong, Patient, Ancient, Magical, Healing, Sensitive, Longevity, Renewing, Perceptive, Mysterious, Resourceful.)

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